Education and Experience

I am a senior at Seattle University studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

I have written journalism pieces for the Seattle University newspaper, The Spectator. This taught me how to interview people, and write from an objective standpoint.

In addition, I have contributed numerous articles for DietsinReview.com. As a writer for this site, I learned how to tailor my voice to the audience, and speak on a variety of topics. I also have become very comfortable and familiar with SEO, and external linking.

Furthermore, I have worked for Cascadia Now, a nonprofit. I managed their Twitter account for several months, and also did a blog series for their website. This taught me how to research credible sources for material, as well as reach out to the public and professional business to be featured in each blog.

Passions and Values

The beauty of health and fitness is that it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. You have to decide for yourself what is sustainable, and what feels good. What gives you energy, and what helps you look and feel the best. They call it a lifestyle for a reason. It is not a destination.

My goal is to provide information that can help anyone make these decisions for themselves. Don’t follow a map that leads you to the wrong destination. Create your own path to a happy, healthy, and fit life.

I believe that health means balance and sustainability. Each individual creates their own unique path, and has their own special connection to their body and the Earth. However you find this, as long as you do, you are well on your way to a fulfilling life.


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